MoJo Gym Ball 55cm

MoJo Gym Ball 55cm
MoJo Gym Ball 55cm MoJo Gym Ball 55cm
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Gym Ball

55 cm ball Suitable for Height 150cm to 160cm

Ideal for aerobic and fitness exercises.  Excellent for strengthening both your upper and lower body.

Durable Anti-Burst vinyl construction. Watermelon Design for Durability, Grip and Strength

Use gym ball with your exercises to strengthen your muscles in the abs and back.  Gym ball exercises can challenge your balance, stability and overall coordination, making it a multi-purpose workout.


Package include a bonus double action hand pump.

Sizing and Sitting

You need to buy the correct size ball for your height. The diameter of the ball makes all the difference — size does matter. If you are close to the cut off point between sizes, try testing out sizes and see which works best for you.

Strength Training
You can also use the ball, to replace a weight bench for exercises like pec flies or skull crushers. Simply, lie with the ball supporting your upper back and head, and work your arms while stabilizing your unsupported core with your abs, glutes, and legs. Using the ball as a bench replacement, transforms these upper-body moves into full-body exercises.

Yoga and Stretching
An exercise ball can work as a yoga prop to deepen stretches or support your body in difficult poses. A ball is the perfect prop to help you master tricky yoga poses like Scorpion. If stretching is more your scene, lengthen the front of your body by reclining with your back on the ball. This spinal stretch is great after a long bike ride or a long day hunched over your computer.

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