Iron Arms

Iron Arms
Iron Arms Iron Arms Iron Arms Iron Arms
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Iron Arms Total Fore Arm Workout

Iron Arms is the new exercise device that uses steel-spring technology to deliver the resistance you need to build stronger, more powerful forearms fast!

Simply hold onto the Iron Arms grips and rotate your wrists. The natural rotational movement targets the muscles vital for all spots that require forearm strength and a powerful grip. Turn the grips inwards to work the extensor muscles and outwards to hit the flexor. You can even do one handed power rotations for a more concentrated intense workout.

Great for football, baseball, golf, tennis, martial arts and more.

Most wrist exercisers work on the major flexor/extendor muscle groups of the wrist. Iron Arms work on the pronator/supinator movements. The construction is of hard plastic with a spring on each side for resistance. Work both your flexor and extensor muscles, while sitting down and watching TV. Absolutely the best forearm workout device.

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