MoJo Ripple Roller

MoJo Ripple Roller
MoJo Ripple Roller MoJo Ripple Roller
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MoJo Ripple Foam Physio Roller

MoJo Textured Foam Roller

Commercial Grade, Superior Quality, New Updated Grid Design.

Comfortable trigger point and deep tissue massage, helps with stress, circulation and flexibility. Lightweight and easy to transport, with dense foam contour and sturdy core.

Improves Core Body Strength and Coordination while defining and toning abs, waistline, thighs, glutes and all major muscle groups. Strengthens upper, mid and lower body.

Recommended by physios for recovery, warm up, warm down and to increase circulation.

  •   45cm x 14cm Solid construction
  • Core Strength
  • Posture
  • Coordination
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Stability

What type of foam roller should I use and when?

•    Ripple or Textured: For a deep tissue massage or core stability workout due to firm construction
•    Soft: For yoga, pilates and stretching. Great for studio use.
•    Short rollers: Easy for PTs to carry around, easier to pinpoint troublesome areas the body
•    Long: perfect for pilates and yoga. An aid for balance and stabilisation due to the length.

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