MoJo AB Wheel

MoJo AB Wheel
MoJo AB Wheel MoJo AB Wheel MoJo AB Wheel
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MoJo Ab Wheel With Thick Knee Mat

MoJo Ab Wheel With Thick Knee Mat

Commercial Grade, Superior Quality, New Thick Knee Mat

Ab Wheels Ab wheels are simple pieces of exercise equipment that look like a wheel with a pole stuck through the center. Although you can build one yourself, it might be better to buy an inexpensive wheel to make sure it rolls smoothly, doesn’t shift and is less likely to break. An ab wheel needs to withstand your body’s entire weight to roll forward and backward smoothly. Without the right center, the wheel might press against a homemade handle, making the wheel difficult or impossible to turn. The handles should not hurt your hands. Starting Out When you first use an ab wheel, start from a kneeling position to learn technique and experience how much stress the exercises place on your abs, back and arms. Place the wheel in front of you, under your chest in a spot where you feel balanced. Move yourself forward, letting the wheel roll you forward as your arms and torso straighten. Use your core to push you forward and roll you back. Don’t roll forward so that your arms are completely straight, or it may be too difficult to roll yourself back. Experiment with different forward roll lengths to see which one lets you roll yourself backward using your abs. Roll slowly, stop, then roll backward. Repeat this series 10 times, then take a break.


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